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On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 9:29 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> Please those who are hipsters on the topic, especially those with formal
> training, BillW: what is the modern thinking on the notion of IQ?  Last I
> heard it was falling out of favor because we never have established a way
> to measure it such that various tests return similar results, or even the
> same test returns similar scores for the same person.
### Not true. IQ has very high test-retest reliability, there are a few
well validated instruments (Stanford-Binet, Wechsler and others) that are
highly correlated in individuals, and IQ is highly predictive of
intellectual achievement, especially at lower to middling-high levels. IQ
is as good as it gets in psychometry and precisely for that reason much
reviled. Truth hurts.


> Do colleges ever use IQ as an admissions criterion.
### Officially not, since it's forbidden by law. However, as noted by
Jason, the SAT is a reasonably good substitute, within the populations
being considered for admission. Sure, SAT commingles IQ with measurement of
accumulated knowledge but still it does provide insight into an applicant's

> I know MENSA has its own test, but are there other uses?
### The armed forces are still allowed to use thinly-disguised IQ tests
where it matters.


> I see there is a 12 yr old girl in the news they keep trying to sell as
> being more intelligent than Einstein, but not actually explaining where
> that notion came from.
### All you need to "beat" Einstein is to be a bit more than 4SD above mean
(his estimated IQ was 160), which is found in 1/42000th of the population.
Thus there are on average more than 2 super-Einsteins in every little city
of 100k. Strange that something as unremarkable would become the focus of
news stories.

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