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I noticed over the 35 years of teaching  that as a term progressed the people that I came to know who performed at the top on my tests morphed - the girls especially.  They became more attractive to me.  But there was one guy who I would have voted as the ugliest person I've seen who got top grades and somehow lost his ugliness.

Anyone else experienced this?

bill w



Of course BillW.  The most direct evidence of this can be seen in the engineering department.  There are few women in that field (even today) but those who go in and stay in are worshipped as goddesses, even those not considered particularly attractive outside that context.  


If one is thrashed by a woman on an engineering exam, one holds that woman on a pedestal forever.  It isn’t a dominatrix-attraction thing at all: the engineering women I knew personally were among the more traditionally feminine sorts, including my own college sweetheart to whom I have been happily married for 31 years.  (I am astonished I was able to win her heart.)  The very few female math majors and physics majors also caused major boners without even trying (if you will forgive the indelicate terminology.)  


Smart people are attractive people.  You have something to talk about after the passion storm.





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