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>…There are hundreds of others in which we apply a 'rule' that makes no sense at all, and which is actually harmful to understanding our language…

BillW, you have merely begun to scratch the surface of a very deep topic here.


>…And yet who is complaining about it?  I'll bet Spike would if he thought of it and could make it a lot funnier than I am, which is to say funny, not boring.

You are too kind sir, and ja I am complaining, early and often.  Read on please.


>…So let's all get out there and correct people's 'correct' pronunciation and get them to do it a logical way, eh?  We have to start somewhere and somewhen.  Bill W


We cannot fix the way people speak and the way people write.  Evidence: we see systematic errors in both the spoken word and in print so often we no longer can be completely sure of the rule.  How many times have you seen and heard the phrase “…yakkity and I…” in the predicate?  Now we enter political craziness season, take a sip of beer every time you hear something analogous to “…these politicians are not listening to WE THE PEOPLE!”  Eeesh.  Make sure you don’t drive with talk radio playing: you will be busted for drunk driving.

OK then, I have more thoughts and ideas on all this, but now I gotta run, and notice I do intentionally spell out that way instead of “I must run” because that is a far more common way it is spoken.  There is value in converging the way we speak and the way we spell, rather than allowing them to diverge as they have.

More later, gotta run,




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