[ExI] Evidence-based medicine lacks solid supporting evidence

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> ​I recall reading that you can take any physician in the world at any time
> in history and he has seen things that no other doctor has seen.

​So - human variability, whether genetically, in their diet, place of
living (smog city?), and so on, is so great that all a physician can do is
to do what others do, which is to hope that all other factors don't matter,
just as we assume that the independent variable in​

> ​an experiment is all that matters between the two groups of people or
> whatever.

​Let's face it;  the state of current medical practice, while having
spectacular results at times, is still quite primitive.  Any science is
only as good as its measuring instruments and right now good ones are just
starting to appear.  ​
​And even those can be misused.

For example, thanks to a CT scan my physician and I know that my heart
vessels are clear, but that was a the cost of giving me the equivalent of
1000 chest Xray's radiation.  Who knows what that radiation might do to me
in the long run?

They don't.

bill w​

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