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>>…The way this headline is worded, it makes it sound like zombies are playing football:


>…There's an idea. But how to get them to follow the conventional rules -- as opposed to eating the fans?Regards, Dan


Goofy headline aside, they report that 11 of 12 former pro footballers had evidence of drain brammage.  EEESH!  That’s more bashed brains than dentists who recommend sugarless gum.


OK then, so let me post this even knowing it will make me a pariah in some circles, for I mean it from the bottom of my heart: where is the collective guilt?  I know football is fun to watch.  I don’t watch it, don’t even read the sports pages, but I know it is cool to see those big guys bashing each other.  Just because we know we have a reptilian cortex doesn’t mean we no longer have one.


Every time we buy a ticket to a pro football game, every time we patronize a college bowl game or even the local high school team, we encourage a sport for which we now have pleeeeenty of evidence wrecks their brains, plenty.  Ja I know it is a fun sport to watch.  But it is bad news, very bad news.  If we participate at any level, we have helped these galoots do this to themselves.


Go ahead, I am prepared to have my ass kicked, and I probably deserve it.  But football wrecks brains, and our society causes football.  So where is the collective guilt?







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