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>…HAH got ya Rafal!  My family is from coal country.  I am practically made of coal.  Or rather I am chemically very similar to coal.  For every KW I devour computing and sending email, I create JOBS for poor schlubs and truckers and such, which feeds their families!  So I am saving them from a horrifying death of starvation and the hopeless heartbreak of unemployment, which often results in alcoholism and suicide.  I helped prevent this, just by using electricity.

 >…So no, I am not feeling guilty, on the contrary.  I am feeling a warm fuzzy from a job well done.


### Plus, remember the NFL players' girlfriends, who are greatly enjoying the money that the players earned from you!


Indeed, liberal capitalism is a guilt-free pleasure.





Rafal, I think you won this one.  {8-]  But only because you take advantage of my minarcho-capitalist bias.  {8^D


One might say this is not fair, but my minarcho-capitalist bias tells me it is perfectly fair, and competitive, for my minarcho-capitalist bias tells me competition breeds excellence, so competition is better than good, and good is better than fair.


Oy vey, we minarcho-capitalists are a pushover in any debate.



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