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Mon Sep 21 15:35:49 UTC 2015

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 1:15 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> Cool, we might be able to get reasonable OoM estimates for how many proles
> per megabyte are slain retrieving coal, just with this little bit of info.
> I heard recently that about a third of electricity production is by coal,
> and I am going to take a wild (conservative) guess and say the percentage of
> power used for pushing data across phone lines might be on the order of a
> percent, so let’s just ignore the other sources and imagine all the data
> pushing was done by coal, so about 5e8 pounds of coal was used to move data.
> Then 5e8 pounds of coal moves 9e14 megabytes, so close enough to a pound of
> coal moves 2e6 megabytes of data, cool.
> I can only be made to feel guilty for slaying coal proles in the USA, since
> I have zero point nada influence over governments where I cannot vote, so
> the data shows me that a reasonable average in the USA is that we slay about
> 30 per year in that industry, while producing about 2e12 pounds of coal.
> So:
> (30 fatalities/2e12 pound coal)(pound coal / 2e6 MB) =  about 1 fatality /
> 10 E17 MB  for one-digit estimates.
> In any case, here we sit making up these goofy calculations while a real
> energy threat is upon us, as that coal continues to dwindle and the oil and
> natural gas goes down too.  We fret and stew about carbon dioxide in the
> atmosphere, while we have no idea how we are going to generate enough energy
> to feed us all when the oil becomes scarce.

This is not the only place for goofy calculations:

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