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> Our current problem with Robot Olympics is that the bots are not capable enough.  They are so slow it is boring to watch, even if one is into that kind of thing.

Right.  So, what about animatronic remote control drone football?  Would that solve the problem, and would it introduce new problems that would negatively affect the audience appeal?


Remote control football will happen long before full autonomatron, decades perhaps.  It is a logical intermediate step, but there is another I can think of: bipedal robots.  Before even RC football, we need robots which can wear our clothes and walk in our shoes.  Wheels have their advantages, but if you look around at how our world is built, feet have enormous advantages too.  We have a whole adventure as robots get to compete against humans, as we saw in computer chess (went extinct about 10 yrs ago as software on laptops could defeat all humans.)

We can imagine in probably not less than 10 years but not more than about 20, humans foot-racing robots with the condition that the robots must wear a standard men’s size 12 shoe and nothing else touches the ground.  As the robots get better, we can imagine races progressing to harder courses, such as cross country, racing between the railroad tracks, obstacle course as so forth, and all the spin-off sports such as a variation on that Olympic game where they ski, shoot at targets, ski, shoot, etc.  That would be cool scary fun seeing a robot do that game.  I would think nearly all this stuff will happen before we get RC-robo-football, baseball or basketball.

I hope we are within about 5 years of a C3PO-ish standard platform for testing software.  I don’t think Asimo is on the market yet but I haven’t followed it.




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