[ExI] Hank Pellissier speaks out against Zoltan Istvan and his presidential campaign

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Subject: [ExI] Hank Pellissier speaks out against Zoltan Istvan and his presidential campaign


"Zoltan’s remark to Vox that he wants to quit campaigning and endorse Hillary needs to be reconsidered…

"Will Zoltan listen?" …John



John, I doubt he will be endorsing Hillary.  Reliable news reports have it that the FBI has recovered her erased email.  I would estimate the probability that none of those thousands of erased messages contain any incriminating evidence at far less than one percent.  If any of it contains anything other than actual wedding dresses and yoga routines, the act of erasing it constitutes destruction of evidence.  My guess is that almost none of the erased messages have anything to do with wedding dresses or yoga.  Since the press has already discovered that any negative story on Clinton’s email generates a click-storm, the news will be filled with it for months.  Conclusion: Mrs. Clinton is finished.

We could do an ideas-future contest here however.  Mrs. Clinton has agreed to testify on 22 October, but we know she cannot do that: she would incriminate herself.  So we can list all the possible ways that testimony will not happen, then bet on them.  Proposed memes: 

Mrs. Clinton will have some kind of medical emergency (that’s the one in which I will invest some play-money.)  

Trey Gowdy will perish mysteriously a few days before the scheduled testimony.

The president issues a pre-emptive pardon and disbands the investigation (doubt that will happen but we must list all the possibilities.)  


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