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>>…I will bet you money that Hilary isn't "finished," Spike.  She's a politico!  They thrive on that sort of thing.

This is different.  Not just politics, but potential criminal charges.  In all that email, the 30k messages Mrs. Clinton deleted, all the prosecutors need is ONE good example of work-related email for perjury charges, or ONE example of a deal regarding a speaking fee in exchange for any political consideration, and we are deep into FBI territory.  Never mind the classified stuff: they can trace who sent that, and discover how it got onto an unclassified email system, then oh my, the trouble runs deep and wide.


​>…The public knows that pols try to make mountains out of molehills, so I bet with 



But this isn’t a molehill.  Compromising classified information is an actual mountain.  We have no way of knowing if a foreign nation or unfriendly hacked that unsecured unencrypted server, so we must assume that everything on that server is already in the hands of the bad guys (which bad guys?  (We don’t know.))  That’s serious stuff.  We have a good recent example of a politically-connected CIA director who was ruined and retired in disgrace for giving classified info, written by hand in a notebook, to his girlfriend, who did not leak it.  What if there are reams and reams of that info which did leak?  Or perhaps even worse, we can’t tell if it leaked, or who has it.   


>…But it would be good if she is finished, then we can get what most want:  Elizabeth Warren​

The Bern won't fill Hilary's shoe​s - Warren would.  bill w


JA!  I would really like to see an honest contest between a far left candidate and a far right candidate.  For so long the game strategy has suggested both side playing to the middle and we get these contests where we can’t tell one from another.  The last time we had a good real left vs right election was Reagan vs Mondale in 1984.


If we have a good left-right election, it does at least two good things: it empowers the voters and it alienates the presidency from nearly half of the population, which weakens the office.


On the first point, the voters don’t really get to express themselves if both candidates are on the centerline, as they usually are.


On the second point, the office of the presidency has been empowered far beyond what the framers of the constitution intended, beyond the limits carefully crafted by those founders for good reasons.  If nearly half (or better yet, over half) the voters dislike and distrust the president, then the news agencies make their living on negative stories about the top officer, which forces presidents to stay within the enumerated powers of that office, and forces them towards honesty and openness.  All of this is good.


So, my hope is we get a couple of yahoos who really cannot play the moderate.  Examples: Bernie vs Ted Cruz, or Warren vs Rand Paul for instance, a good left/right faceoff for a change, and let the voters pick their favorite.  That’s real democracy.












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