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>…(you didn't say it had to be fiction, but still, it might not be the sort of thing you want - read it before I post it, OK?)

>…Prof: Let's talk about your master's thesis.  Have you any ideas at this point about what you want to do? 

>…Student:  I think so.  I want to find out about favors…

>…Of course this is a true story.  …bill w


 Thanks BillW.  Nonfiction is good fiction.  Example, if you read a skilled fiction writer, then read that guy’s autobiography, note that the autobio is better than the fiction.  Example, Louis Lamour the western writer.  I am not a fan of that genre, but his autobio Education of a Wandering Man is excellent.  If one is a fan of James Michener, and come upon a copy of his obscure work Fires of Spring, one immediately can tell he was THERE.  It comes out in every comment; the characters have authenticity and depth.  Chaim Potok’s My Name is Asher Lev.  Of course Potok is Lev.  Potok witnessed the Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders characters, but he IS Asher Lev.  You can tell.

Nonfiction has a fun other-worldly weirdness to it you just can’t make up.




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