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>>… Adrian’s Bluebird scenario

>…This is what comes of me idly rapping around, whipping up stories for y'all.  :P

>…I am wondering if there are other topics I should cram into a story.  Most of the ones I can think of, either most of you already know what it would teach (such as that orbital mechanics story) or do not seem much interested in…



We aren’t the only ones you are writing to teach.  We could set up a site and collect educational short stories for the sophisticated masses.  Adrian, what I was looking for is some oddball stuff, not mainstream.  BillW’s Foot In the Door story is something we don’t know much about here really.  We have a lot of code jockeys who could teach us things, and cyber security guys and perhaps a story about some oddball thing in your neighborhood, a quirky obscure historical event you know about for some reason such as your ancestors were involved, some rare medical condition you know about because you or someone you know has it, some obscure detail about a mainstream topic such as the Kiss My story (did that succeed?  Can you recite the seven classifications of stars and know what they mean?)  

Write something you know well.  It doesn’t need to be mainstream and in some ways works better if it isn’t.



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