[ExI] Another answer to the Fermi Question. Was disappointment

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Tue Sep 29 03:13:18 UTC 2015

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Subject: [ExI] Another answer to the Fermi Question. Was disappointment

>...Re this thread, here is yet another answer to the Fermi question.
Charles Stross works the idea that humans abandoned reproduction and the
culture was carried on by a bunch of sex dolls.

>...With human it does make a perverse sort of logic.  Human males and
females have been subjected to different selection and have rather different
criteria for ideal mates.  It's not too hard to imagine sex dolls displacing
both sexes...Keith

Keith that would explain why we are not here in 500 yrs, but I don't see it
as a plausible Fermi solution.  In principle, divergent ideals in a mate,
resulting in replacement by robo-sex shouldn't kill off every intelligent
lifeform that ever evolves.

It is far too easy to imagine (and disturbing to think about it) that
technologically advanced civilizations could get sidetracked by fucking
dolls, while another segment of humanity (which considers this whole doll
business abhorrent, wrong, sinful and against the profit's teachings)
continues right along the old fashioned way.  One day the advanced
civilization looks around and realizes it is outnumbered a hundred to one
and there are very few left of reproductive age anyway, so they calmly hand
over the planet to the prolific breeders and retire to the bedroom with
their dolls.


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