[ExI] Objective standards?/was Re: silly 'rules'

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 13:12:27 UTC 2015

On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 8:31 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
>> On Sat, Sep 26, 2015 at 2:18 AM, Giulio Prisco <giulio at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Why do we need "objective standards" at all? What's wrong with
>>> subjective standards?
> We already have excellent objective standards in literature: sales receipts.

I would not consider sales receipts to be literature... though I guess
your accountant can tell quite a story when all those moments are
reviewed for a year. :)

> Hey perhaps there is a way to objectivize all our subjective standards.  We
> have developed all these wonderful mathematical techniques.  There should be
> a way.  You have given me something to ponder.

Isn't that the study of statistics?  It's cool to be 2+ deviations
from the mean... until those hipsters ruin the curve by artificially
skewing a population.

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