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>… I did a double-take and wanted to share the idea of sales receipt as a tiny bit of 'literature.'


Oh, ja I hadn’t thought of that angle.  I meant the total amount of money changing hands directly as a result of a piece of art, literature or music would constitute an objective measure of its inherent worth.


Measured by that standard, the Beatles anthology followed by Fleetwood Mac constitute the classical music of the 20th century.


>>…Just last night I accepted a receipt at point of sale (cash) and put
it directly into the trash… it must be a cultural change to stop generating
those useless scraps of paper.


>….Many places now ask if the customer want a printed receipt. Places using Square also just email a receipt, so nothing gets printed -- unless there's a special request.  …Dan


Attitudes have not only changed, they have reversed.  As recently as a decade ago, a hard copy on paper constituted “having” a document.  Now we don’t really “have” the document unless it is in a form which can be transmitted over phone lines.  If we have a paper hard copy, we have a picture of the document, from which we can create the document if we have a scanner.



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