[ExI] Objective standards?

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>>…Measured by that standard, the Beatles anthology followed by Fleetwood Mac constitute the classical music of the 20th century.


>…I'd argue that you can't compare Shakespeare and comic books.  The latter probably outsell the former.

BillW you are comparing an author to a genre.  Did you mean Shakespeare vs Stan Lee?  Shakespeare vs Jerry Siegel?  Shakespeare vs Bill Finger?  Let the games begin.

>…A shame we can't compare the Beetles and Beethoven in 100 years.  But I think Ludwig will be remembered more.  bill w

I notice on the elevator/office music stations, the Beatles have remarkable staying power after all these years.  The bulk of Beethoven’s work is about 200 years old now, and the Beatles about 50, so the ratio is about 4 to 1.  In a century, the ratio will be about 2 to 1.  I am betting on the Beatles for sales by then.





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