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>>…Ja, but that’s because the 5th is the only one of Beethoven’s works which has words.


>…Unless you're joking, I think you mean the 9th. ;) That has the Ode to Joy thingy….Dan




Well, ja.  The fifth sounds angry to me.  So here’s my breezy explanation about Beethoven, working hard at composing all day, weary, discouraged because he was trying to compose a thing of beauty but had composers block, nada nada nada.  His son and his girlfriend show up just as the Beetster is packing up to go home, son asks the old man if he and his sweetheart can play the piano, ja go ahead if you must.  Next day, the famous composer sits down to work, notices funny smell, then discovers under side of piano is sticky and gross.  He is understandably furious, bangs out the 5th right on the spot:



Son of a biiiiiiiiitch…

I aughta hit

You in the tit

You little shiiiiiit…


And so forth, over and over.  The next verses are even worse.  Well he composed the whole theme in a fit of anger.  After he realized the composer’s block was gone, that his horny teenage son had just handed him his next top 40 hit, his fury was spent and he cheered up considerably.  The locals wouldn’t play it with the not-safe-for-church words (churches had really uptight standards in those days) so Beethoven just erased the lyrics and turned it into an instrumental.  We don’t even call it the Son of a Bitch song anymore, so few know of its origins.  Think on that next time you hear the song, and sing along if you wish.


Dan see what you can learn about history and music, just from hanging out with your old uncle Spike?



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