[ExI] Trump asks "​Why Can’t We Use Nuclear Weapons?​"​

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 19:40:00 UTC 2016

On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 2:52 PM, Dan TheBookMan <danust2012 at gmail.com> wrote:

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> The office should be abolished, the White House turned into a homeless
> shelter, and every last person who has served as president should be
> roughly if not brutally thrown out of polite society.

​Maybe that's what should happen, but that most certainly is not what's
going to happen. What's going to happen is that in 3 months the decision
will be made on which one of 2 people is going to be handed the keys to a
Trident Nuclear Submarine. And one of them is a madman. And what's going to
happen is that even after armageddon some people (if people haven't gone
completely extinct) will still say a insecure Email server was more

​ John K Clark ​
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