[ExI] Trump asks "​Why Can’t We Use Nuclear Weapons?​"​

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Thu Aug 4 02:35:29 UTC 2016

On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 6:43 PM, Will Steinberg <steinberg.will at gmail.com>

> BUT if you're looking at things from a categorical imperative kinda
> perspective,

Then you tend to miss a lot of facts, and spend inordinate effort chasing
down low probability events.

The value to humanity of me yelling and screaming at everyone to vote
Clinton is far less than, say, the value to humanity of me taking the same
time and effort to develop and promote cheaper space access for the general
public, to take a non-hypothetical choice in my case.

(Speaking of - by chance, will anyone on this list be at SmallSat next
week?  Wouldn't mind meeting up.)

This remains true even if Trump somehow wins, given as the military
leadership has basically already declared a coup, if he wins, the minute he
tries ordering war crimes.

what if too many people think that way and Trump wins there?!

The odds of Trump carrying California are less than the odds of Johnson
carrying California, given how people would switch.

Also: October (for those of us who vote by mail) is a couple months away.
The RNC might get serious about trying to switch candidates.  Johnson might
get in the debates.  It could come out that Clinton bribed Trump to do as
much damage to the Republican Party's chances of beating her as he could
and has, in RPG parlance, scored a critical hit.  Trump could quit once
it's too late to take his name off of most-to-all state ballots, providing
more circumstantial evidence of said deal.
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