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>…Spike, what state do you live in?  Or if that's too much information to give, do you live in a state that always, always goes for the Democratic candidate?



California.  If it is close here, it isn’t close.  California, New York and Texas are all free states.  Vote your conscience if you live in one of them.  There are other free states.




>…As I said in the other thread, Trump is an anti-learning candidate that any person who values knowledge should be embarrassed to take any action or lack of action that would help him get elected.  Also, any person who values not having the Earth turn into a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland...



Ja, Trump is anti-learning, Clinton is anti-honesty, either candidate, if victorious, will turn into their own party’s worst nightmare.  Trump will not stop making silly and scary comments, and Clinton’s past won’t stop pounding on her (it will get worse.)  That yoga will leak out, even after the election, regardless of how the election comes out.  We will find out what is in there which was sufficiently incriminating that she erased it while under subpoena.  You know it had to be way worse than whatever was in Nixon’s 18 minutes of erased audio.  Trump’s finances will come out somehow, perhaps the IRS will leak it.  


Oh I love government transparency, even if involuntary.


Regarding nuclear wasteland, you do make a good point: we have entered an age when those nukes don’t need to be on a hair trigger.  We should take out of the president’s hands the ability to launch those.  They won’t tell us the current procedure, but I would think a review board should be convened before an attack can be launched.  We have subs, so the justification for quick launch is over now.  The Cold War is behind us, thank evolution.


If Trump or Clinton wins the election, we will have a president widely disliked and distrusted.  But there might be a downside to that as well.  So we should take action to remove the ability to launch nuclear attacks from a single person or even two.  It should require about nine people, with reps from both houses of the legislature, the head of the SCOTUS, someone outside of government, have everything video recorded.



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