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Low-res versions are already available for 3D printing,
A laser scan was done in 2009, a tour de force at the time:

Today the serious projects like http://www.digitalsculpture.org/ and 
http://www.newpalmyra.org/ can do much better. And there are intriguing 
stunts like 

Manufacturing the David is another matter. Sure, you can 3D print him, 
but it is tricky to do on a big scale (7 meters!) and most printable 
materials are not like his marble. Ahh, that marble... so sexy. Sure, 
the lad is lovely, but that translucent Carrara marble with its luscious 
subsurface scattering... sorry, have to run and read a geology textbook!

OK, what I'm getting at is CNC machining. Check out:
The tricky part is calculating a milling scheme: 
In short, this is how I would go about making a proper copy. Likely a 
bit over the top today, since most of those robots have too small work 
volumes, but we are getting there.

And then we just need a lot of wonderful, sensual marble:

On 2016-08-09 16:45, William Flynn Wallace wrote:
> Given the incredible state of the art in some tech, I wonder if my 
> fantasy tool has come into being.
> Consider the sculpture of David in Florence.  What if it fell 
> somehow?  Could it be reproduced in tiny detail?
> Of course three D images are routine, I suppose, and the resolution 
> could take it down to the millimeter level.
> So here is my question to any of you who are up on these things: 
>  could a robot duplicate David? Equipped with the 3D and tools to 
> chip/sand/whatever away marble or granite?
> If so, then of course new sculpture could be created on some software 
> and created by robots.
> I am guessing that if the technology does not exist now, it soon will.
> What do any of you know about this?
> bill w
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