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On 10 August 2016 at 17:20, spike wrote:
> If we get right on this, we could have several ready for gift buying 
> season for those who have everything, including a 6 meter open space 
> in their house to stand an enormous nekkid guy.  We could create 
> improved versions of David, decircumcised, buffed up a bit for our 
> steroid age and such.  There is a fortune to be made here, a cool buttload
of money.

>...Have you looked at ebay?



Ja, eBay shmeeBay BillK!  These are all tiny things, too small to work with
an idea I have been forming.  Read on please at your own risk.

Imagine a scaled down David, not these tiny eBay things but about 2 meters,
so it fits in a typical American home and can be transported by pickup
truck.  Cool, now imagine an accessory, which is a cone-shaped tent-like or
apron-like structure which buckles around his neck and has a ring around the
bottom about 2 meters diameter, green nylon cloth with Velcro patches all
over it.  Now think of clusters of simulated greenery with LED ornaments
attached, such that artificial trees are made, with battery powered LED
flashing lights.  

We sell these 2 meter Davids with the green nylon cone accessory, the proles
stick the greenery on it to make a low-cost low-effort, easily-stored
environmentally-conscious simulated Christmas tree in December.  We sell
another accessory which is a hat with a flashing LED star on top, with a
Simpsonsesque digital HO-HO-HO sound effect, everything battery powered so
no need for unsightly tacky electric cords, but while maintain the popular
tacky flashing lights theme so popular these days, creating an effect
similar to a boring standard-issue simulated Christmas tree.  Well, except
for the guy's head sticking out at the top with the flashing star hat.  That
part is a little different.

The supporting sculpture underneath invokes Italian artistic aesthetics, the
delightfully garish add-ons would represent American tech-innovation
culture.  The resulting union of these would honor Italian Americans.  We
could even do themes in the flashing ornaments: monster truck, Sturgis
Harley rally, championship rasslin, that sort of thing.  Trump followers
would buy them by the millions.  Ohhhh there is big money to be made here,


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