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>>… Ohhhh there is big money to be made here,
big.  spike


>…Hey!  Where did everybody go?  Are you off trying to invent something based on my idea and get rich?  Stealing my ideas, eh?  Shame on you…


Ja!  Here is a photo of my prototype:

























I am still working out the aesthetics of the American Greco-Christmas decoration theme.



>…Stealing my ideas, eh?  Shame on you…


Hey BillW, posting ideas to ExI is all about donating the intellectual property into the public domain.  If the idea makes the creators rich and famous, you get the famous part.


Recall way back in about the mid 1990s (not you BillW, the old timers here) Julian Assange hung out here?  Remember what he always wrote about?  The only thing I recall his writing about?  Transparency in government.  We kicked around ideas, he was the one who made things happen.  Remember Hal Finney (may his memory live on forever) was the one always going on about crypto-currency.  He dropped out of sight and became a bitcoin billionaire, and some claim he was a cofounder of bitcoin.  Any one of us could have done that right then, assuming we were as smart as Hal.  That last part kept me safe from the degradation and moral decay from owning billions.



>…Did anyone figure out the cost of home lasers that would do the jobs we want, or is that something else you are hiding from me? 


No BillW, repurpose rather than reinvent.  Look at what already exists.  After you posed the question, I realized there are plenty of existing systems capable of creating a 3D surface model from an object.  You just need to get on the internet and search for them.  In the specific case of David, 3D models already exist, probably in the public domain.  You can’t get cheaper than free.



>…You should be careful around us paranoids - we overthink things big time…


HAH!  I am more paranoid than thou.  It is an easy time to be paranoid.


>…I'll let you know where you can send my checks.  Bill w


You’ll get your checks… when the boy next door walks on the moon!




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