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>…All politicians have to be untrustworthy to a degree…


Sad, isn’t it?


​>…the voters would punish them if they were totally honest and they'd ​never get elected…


Truer words are seldom spoken.


>…but I can find no evidence that Clinton would be more untrustworthy…


Hmmm… wonder what happened to that evidence?  Oh yeah, never mind.


>…Dishonest won't kill you… 


It won’t kill us, but will achieve such things as having our uranium sold to the Russians in exchange for “donations” to “charity” ja.  It will kill whoever is the enemy of whoever has the evidence.


>… Nixon was​ dishonesty personified…​ John K Clark​


Heh.  Compared to who?  Nixon erased 18 minutes of audio.  Clinton erased tens of thousands of emails while under subpoena, lied about it, lied about lying about it, still cannot tell the truth about those yoga routines.  Her latest “short circuit” attempt was a dark comedy.  We do not know who has those erased emails or how they will be used, but I fear it isn’t for the benefit of mankind.






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