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when somebody votes for a third party candidate they're ​helping to give Donald Trump total control of 4500 H-bombs


>…That is only true for voters where:

1) they are in a state where the electoral outcome isn't basically predetermined, meaning their presidential vote does not count for anything other than whether the winner perceives a mandate

2) they would otherwise have voted for Clinton


Number 1 in particular is false for the vast majority of voters.




Ja.  All but about 8 states are free.  


Think of it this way: A vote for Trump or Clinton is the same as a vote against Johnson or Stein.


Think of it this way, make a table, candidate name on the left column, reason to not vote for that candidate on the right.  We have four candidates who will be on the ballot in all 50 states.  The table will look like this:


Candidate           Reason to not vote for


Trump                   Crazy

Clinton                  Corrupt

Johnson               Cannot get elected

Stein                      Cannot get elected






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