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On 2016-08-14 16:18, BillK wrote:
>>... Drones don't win wars. They create more enemies / terrorists than they

> destroy. You need (robot) boots on the ground to win wars.

>...I used to argue with a classmate who planned to become a military
officer that the future was automation, drones and war fought by nerds in
front of computer. He disagreed, saying "you will always need a guy with a
rifle"...Which leads to a real question for the list: what are the
technological requirements for being able to do this remotely? ...--Dr
Anders Sandberg


I disagree with Major Westerdahl.  There are plenty of scenarios whereby
virtual warfare can be waged without hurling chunks of metal, without any
particular type of foot-ware in any particular geographical location.  We
are seeing a virtual civil war in the USA apparently being instigated by
Russians with no physical presence, no traditional weapons, no particular

In the past couple decades, western commerce has become entirely dependent
on reliable electronic communications.  Yesterday I got call from a friend
in NY who had to cancel his weekend visit because an airline faced major
delays over computer glitches.  Think about it.


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