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Looking at our energy future we have enough wind power, water power and solar installed that we can get some pretty good ideas about what they will produce and the environmental impacts of each.  Those three will all be players, but we can pretty easily see all three combined are unlikely to carry the load.  Anyone wish to dispute that conclusion?  I would like to be shown the error of my ways.


Space-based solar might take off, and I hope it does, but we face some daunting challenges.  


If SBS does not work out and we assume optimistic models of renewable growth and oil availability, we still get to a foreseeable future in which coal and nuclear power are carrying muck or most of the load.  When that day comes, the USA will awaken from our slumber and realize we need to build nuke plants as fast as we can poke them into the ground.  Then we will realize that allowing Russia to gain control of those sources was a very bad idea indeed.  So I must ask, why did our State Department do that?



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​> ​>…California's electors will go to the Democratic candidate, with over 99% probability. 


​>…there is a 93.5% probability that Clinton will win California and a 6.5% probability that Trump will

​ win​.  John k Clark ​


Well sure, but the reasoning goes like this: if it is anywhere close in California, New York or Texas, then the non-owner of those states has already won by a landslide.  So if it is close in any of those three states, the outcome of those three states is already irrelevant. In those states, if your vote matters, it doesn’t matter.  But if it doesn’t matter in those states, it still doesn’t matter because you don’t live in one of the states where it does matter.


Californians, New Yorkers, Texans, animals and proles are free.


We can easily foresee bad things coming from either of the mainstream party candidates winning.  That tells me we should protect our ability to claim we voted against that candidate if we live in a free state.  Then we should work to remove from the president the ability to launch nukes.  Reasoning: the constitution places the power to declare war on congress, not the executive branch.  Congress should collectively control the nukes.







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