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Adrian Tymes atymes at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 00:37:17 UTC 2016

> Space-based solar might take off, and I hope it does, but we face some
> daunting challenges.
> If SBS does not work out and we assume optimistic models of renewable
> growth and oil availability, we still get to a foreseeable future in which
> coal and nuclear power are carrying muck or most of the load.  When that
> day comes, the USA will awaken from our slumber and realize we need to
> build nuke plants as fast as we can poke them into the ground.  Then we
> will realize that allowing Russia to gain control of those sources was a
> very bad idea indeed.  So I must ask, why did our State Department do that?

1) Because our State Department ultimately answers to voters today, who
today don't like nuclear power.  (That the dislike is based on bad
information and logical fallacies is not directly relevant, although it
does suggest how said dislike might be reversed.)

2) Because our State Department assumes SBS will not and can not work, at
least within the career lifetime of anyone making the decisions there (and
they don't care about anything beyond that), but in the near term wish to
encourage dependency on fossil fuel corporations who have given a lot of
money to those who say whether they get to keep their jobs (President, Vice
President, and Congress).
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