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>> http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/20-big-questions-a
>> bout-the-future-of-humanity/?WT.mc_id=SA_WR_20160817
>> Take a look at #8.  If sperm and ova can be made from skin cells, someone
>> could collect some of yours and produce a baby that is indistinguishable
>> from your own children. Should this be illegal?
> If done without the genetic parent's consent, it is arguably illegal under
> existing laws.
> if done with the consent of all genetic parents, I see no more
> justification for outlawing this than for outlawing, say, in vitro
> fertilization.
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​You are right.  I was assuming clandestine obtaining of skin cells.

What if the persons whose skin cells are used are dead?  I can see where
this is going - Olympic champions, Nobel prize winners, etc. will be
essentially cloned.  Could this lead to patents on DNA?

bill w​

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