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> But rock is in general terrible at tensile stress, really lousy at that.  This is why it is never used for tension elements.  The old Greeks were smart guys, but all they had for building material was stone.  So… the old timers didn’t build any structures anywhere which require tension elements.

The ancient Greeks also had wood and mud brick for building materials. It's not like former building materials disappeared during that time. ;)

> OK so the real problem here is that David’s ankles are in slight bending moment loading, and might fail.
> First idea: calculate the center of gravity of the sculpture, then slightly tilt the base so that both ankles are in compression loading only.  Or get it as close as we can.  It is over-constrained, so we can’t get both ankles in perfect compression-only loading, but it can be improved by slightly tilting the base.  The necessary tilt would scarcely be noticed, and tourists would never know Michel didn’t plan it that way to start with, perhaps at Mrs. Angelo’s suggestion.

If the geometry of that statue can do that, it's an excellent idea. And why couldn't viewers simply be told that it's been done?


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