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​>…It wouldn't  matter if David toppled if first you used a ultraviolet LIDAR to make precise measurements of the statue, because ​then you could use a 3D printer to make as many Davids as you want…


Cool, you make the Davids, I will make the Christmas Tree accessory.




​> ​>…Second idea:  Consider what David was about to do in that sculpture.  Faced with this enormous adversary (Goliath) most of us would piss.  So, we add on a urine stream in the form of structural steel painted yellow to reinforce the statue and reduce bending moment at the ankles.


>…Absolutely Brilliant, ​I love it!​


​>…Your idea is even better than mine!


You are too kind sir.  But your idea gave me a third idea, which is at least cheaper than the other ideas.  Since you brought up LIDAR, I thought of using an eddy current sensor to go around the ankles and determine where is the most compressive stress and where is the least.  We use your LIDAR model to determine the CG of the statue.  With the readings on the EC sensor and knowing the CG, we can determine the approximate location on the floor where the artwork would smite the planet.  Then we create those outlines like the constables paint around the outline of corpses in American cities (the ones which are actively engaged in constant low-level civil war (such as Detroit, DC and New Orleans)) on the floor of the museum, except this outline is really really big and not as clearly defined.  Make it with fuzzy borders perhaps, or calculate an outline of equal probability.  Put a sign on an easel inside the outline: if you are reading this when David takes a dive, you are dead.


That kind of thing.


That wouldn’t cost much: hell I bet I could calculate a rough outline on the floor.  A roll of duct tape could create the border, and I know we have some spare eddy current detectors lying around in a lab where I used to work when I was a young man.  They would probably loan them to an engineering-minded prole to take over wherever David stands (Helskinki?)  We could even make money on the deal: charge a higher price for tickets on David’s safer side, his non-landing site of the statue.  We could even do the same trick with all those Christmas-tree-base Davids.  Ohhh, big money to be made here, big.




>…By the way, why do they call it "Michelangelo's" David? ​David existed in a big block of marble for hundreds of millions of years before Michelangelo was born, all Michelangelo did was unpack it… John K Clark



Ja!  All this time he gets credit for it, buddies coming by, Hey Mike!  Whaddya doing dude?  He would say something like: chipping away everything that isn’t David.  


Well how the hell does he figure?  Every chip contained smaller replicas of the big guy, ja?  So how does he figure they weren’t also rock encrusted Davids?  And each chip of each smaller David would itself contain still smaller Davids and way more of them, all the way down to the calcium carbonate.




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