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So back then, Israelite vs Philistine…Be the side with the most
and best technology.  spike


>…Here is a quote from an Israeli politician, I don't remember who, that has stuck in my brain and I think I know why:


'Tiny Israel'

Yeah - look at the Arabian peninsula on a map.  Tiny.

The Arabs seemingly could overwhelm Israel with ease, but have been beaten in more than one war.  They just can't stand it.

What DNA differences do you think exist between Arab and Jew?  I suspect very little. Nothing worse than getting beaten by your brother.

bill w



Ja.  Genetically they are similar; memetically very different.  Surrounded by hostiles in far superior numbers, Israel survives by a constant awareness that its existence depends completely on mastery of superior technology.


Let us consider what that looks like from the point of view of the surrounding people.  Taught from earliest childhood to despise this invading infidels, in their quieter moments of reflection they must wonder why it survives.  It is clear enough that it is because it has attained a higher mastery of technology and science.  The next question must be inevitable in many of their minds: So why haven’t we mastered their technology and science?  What is stopping us from getting all the same force multipliers?  Why didn’t Goliath’s guys all take up slingshots the day after the fatal combat?  


What do you suppose they tell themselves?




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