[ExI] Thank you for contributing to the costs of maintaining this email list

Max More max at maxmore.com
Tue Aug 23 03:15:06 UTC 2016

Fellow Extropians,

I regret that I very rarely post to the List these days. However, I do dip
into it and read fairly often... then feel bad because I don't participate.
[Spike on Google Classroom -- and so many other topics; Anders on the
beauty of the statue of David; John on Trump-eting the end of the world;
and so much more.]

A couple of weeks ago, while in New York, I spent several hours with Perry
Metzger -- who originally started this list back in, um, 1992? 1991? Perry
is doing what any sensible person would do in his second half-century:
getting a doctorate in nanotechnology.

I want to thank the several people -- all long-timers, I believe --who
contributed recently to the costs of hosting this List. We're looking into
moving it away from the unpleasant clutches of Network Solutions and
securing it for the long haul.




Max More, PhD
Strategic Philosopher
Co-editor, *The Transhumanist Reader*
President & CEO, Alcor Life Extension Foundation
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