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Looks like Libertarians might get on the ballot in all 50 this year, excellent!


I thought they and the Greens already were? 






The Libertarians probably will get ballot access in all 50, the Greens will probably not.  Last I heard, the score was 41 for Libertarian and good chance they will be on all.  Currently 33 states for Green, thought they would hit about 40.  Johnson was confident he would get on there in all 50.


The real key I think is if Johnson can manage to get into the national level debates.  If he does, I think the contrast between the others will be astonishing.


I am realistic enough to acknowledge that it is a long shot.  There are scenarios I can imagine however: Clinton orders a hit on Trump and is somehow caught.  There is a debate over whether murder is still technically a crime if the perpetrator’s name is Clinton, divided opinion on the matter split along party lines, convicted by a narrow margin.  Both of those two are out of the picture.  Then Johnson has a good chance.


Alternative scenario: this most recent email dump of 15000 messages turn up an explanation for how Huma Abedin was being paid in the Civil Service in accordance with a Brigadier General when her credentials were saying First Lieutenant.  Then we get to debate another topic entirely: if Clinton has already beaten more serious charges, do lesser charges even count, even if proven?  If so, then it becomes a race between Trump and Johnson.



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