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 If Henry Frankenstein was such a terrific doctor, creating a living human from parts of corpses, why the hell couldn’t he do something, anything, for Igor’s painfully misshapen back?


Here's a question:  how many people who know the story have read the book?  Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde reads far differently from what you would think, for example.


bill w





There was a lot of subtlety in Mary Shelley’s book which are completely lost in any attempt at a film version.  If any director or screenwriter attempted to express the intent and message of the original, it would be lost on audiences today.  We are accustomed to having messages trimmed to the bone and slammed into our brains.


As I wrote that, it occurred to me that we have collectively become program management and the moviemakers the engineering group.  When an engineer is requested to pitch for Mahogany Row, we are advised to cut out any extraneous anything, get right to the point, make to crackle, give it punch, make your case and get off the stage.  They don’t have the time or interest in your engineering subtleties and don’t care how cool is your design.  It can be rather discouraging.


Were we to resurrect Mary Shelley today and show her everything that has been done with her book, first thing she would ask is why no one seemed to grasp the whole Prometheus message, and why the whole terrifying monster angle seems to be the focus.



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