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What digital divide? Seniors embrace social technology Michigan State
University  25-Aug-2016

>...Contrary to popular belief, older adults enjoy emailing, instant
messaging, Facebook and other forms of social technology. Not only that, but
such online networking appears to reduce seniors' loneliness and even
improve their health.
Getting old geezers online seems to be an immediately available 'good

Ja online communication is great, if the patient is capable.  I am looking
for something that is voice activated and voice controlled for those who
have too few keyboard skills or are blind or are learning disabled.  Ideally
we would mount something on a wheelchair or a bed, and for the vision
impaired we can skip the whole talking avatar step.  If we look at it that
way, a modified version of OK Google can almost already do that, or if OK
Google could market a modifiable version of whatever their script does, I
would buy the hell outta that.

Have we any Google people who can propose it to their company?


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