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re distractibility again

I guess I got an answer to that.  Spike of course has has points, but I was
looking at it from the point of view of the caregiver and how to lessen
their frustrations.

If they are so distractible then the caregiver can ask the person about
some other incident in their past and perhaps evoke another memory that the
person has not remembered in a long time, diverting them from repetition..
This saves the caregiver from the frustrating repetition and gives the
person perhaps a new old memory to talk about.  Now both are happy.

I served my time around severely disabled people and have paid my dues.
What I learned there in part is that I am way too sensitive a person to be
around them as a clinical psychologist, which is why I changed to
experimental three years into grad school.  Good caregivers of these people
can't be supersensitive or they'd go nuts.  I would just cry all the way
through the experience.  And be really really angry.  Not helpful.

Guess which population, in proportion, has the highest rate of admittance
to mental hospitals?  Psychiatrists.  Second, mental hospital attendants.
Almost like it's catching.  These are old figures, but probably still good.

bill w

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> >...If we look at it that way, a modified version of OK Google can almost
> already do that, or if OK Google could market a modifiable version of
> whatever their script does, I would buy the hell outta that.
> Have we any Google people who can propose it to their company?
> spike
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> The modified version of OK Google would go out to a specialized database
> instead of the web.  Oh this seems like a snap for those talented coders at
> Google.  I have half a mind to contact Brin and Page, suggest gathering
> about a couple dozen of their most talented, creative and CHARITY MINDED
> young developers, put them on one of those Google buses and take them to
> the
> memory care facility, have them interact with the patients (who would be so
> grateful for a visit.)  An hour of that, just one hour, come back to their
> Mountain View fantasy land ( where everyone they ever see is young, smart,
> clean and healthy up at the GooglePlex) have a contest to see who can use
> those insights to modify OK Google for old sick people who also deserve our
> help and tech support.
> Some of the patients might have been tech monsters themselves in the long
> time agos, helping invent the tools and software that resulted in the
> GooglePlex fantasy land.  But now, they are old and sick, and stored away,
> forgotten by us, and they don't even know how they got there.
> spike
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