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On Sat, Aug 27, 2016 at 3:50 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> It would have helped if you had used numbers rather than points

Raw numbers fluctuate a lot more than percentages do.  I would have chosen
a number that was meant to be the percentage, so...just use the percentage
when it's what I mean.

> 1 -   Limiting CEO pay may not be constitutional despite how good an idea
> it is - leave that to the stockholders - I see articles on this every
> Sunday NYT; it's an idea whose time has come and may simply not need any
> laws

The stockholders haven't been able to push this through yet, in most
cases.  A common argument against is "but the other guys can do it so we
have to".  Federal regulations nip that in the bud.

But why would this not be constitutional?

> 2- add this:  make it against federal law to hold mental patients in jails
> or prisons over, say, 30 days.

Unfortunately, you then have to define "mental patients" - and what about
those who only technically qualify and are far more "criminals"?  That's
why I have increased mental health treatment instead.

> A lot of great ideas that you've obviously put a lot of time into.

Thanks, but it may be less time than you think.  While I have thought about
some of these issues, I just googled for a list of what are the major
issues, came up with answers to them, and added a few more.
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