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I'm sure he will. ;)



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Please let us know more after the talk!



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OK well, I found the talk interesting but frustrating in a way.  It was by the guy who made the discovery, but most of his talk was focused not on the known characteristics of the planet itself and the characteristics of the star it orbit (which is all we care about.)  Most of his talk was focused on why the signal was missed all this time (which we don’t care about; we have it now.)  The discoverer seemed like he wanted to apologize for humanity missing the signal all this time.  But we know it is a tricky observation for a planet that size.


The planet is thought to be about 1.3 earth radii with an orbit period of a bit over 11 days, orbiting a red dwarf.  Equilibrium temperature is about -40C, which means the warmest places could have liquid water.


They had a panel discussion after the pitch in which they discuss the possibility of sending a probe.  But if you do the math on it, that probe would take a loooong time to get out there, thousands of years by any known or plausible technology.  Recall that the Voyager 1 has been coasting for nearly 40 years and is only about 1000 light minutes out there.  This new planet is 4.2 years away, so we are looking at the order of 80 to 100 k-yrs by that technology.  So… we aren’t going there.



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