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>…Shawn Regan raises some good points here, especially the lack of impact on food production and prices. If he's correct, might it be that decades from now we'll look back on colony collapse disorder as merely another mostly groundless panic -- or will it simply be forgotten as we'll surely find other things to worry about?

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It might be right Dan but I am not yet breathing a sigh of relief and moving on to the next problem of the moment.  Reason: whenever I take a ride through the California central valley, I notice the hives just don’t seem all that healthy.  I know what a good healthy well-fed bee yard looks like: the bees ooze and pour out the entry, they form huge black swarms turning the white supers dark brown with bee bodies, there are bees flying about, the place looks busy.


This study counted the number of hives, and I know why those are going up: beekeepers make their living not selling honey so much (even with these current absurd prices of 6 and 8 bucks a pound, sheesh) but rather in renting their hives to grove and orchard owners, and perhaps by smuggling people and dope on their trucks between the hives up from Mexico.


Now… we have plenty of hives, but none of them give me that feeling that they are robust.  I see them going about, but bee yards just seem too serene and too lonely now.








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