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>…A planet that close would be gravitationally locked with one side in perpetual day and the other in perpetual night; that might not be an impossible burden for life but it certainly wouldn't help…



Ja.  Tide locked planets would have one small advantage for emerging lifeforms however: there would be a twilight ring at the transition between the day side and the night side.  It would be a very limited strip of real estate, but it would have mild temperatures there always and perhaps liquid water, along with perpetual direct sunlight right down on the horizon.


I can imagine life is common in those bio-rings, but it never really advances very far.  With all it had going for it, and all this cool real estate everywhere, the life on this planet sat around single-celling and blue-green algae-ing for 3 billion years before gathering enough ambition to join together and do some cool stuff.




>…And it's not like it would be a big deal for them to make such a transmitter, for goodness sake they're capable of building a Dyson sphere! Hell even we could make such a transmitter with little difficulty. ​John K Clark


It works the other way too: almost any civilization capable of transmitting signals across stellar space must be also capable of building a Dyson swarm or MBrain.  Our planet is one of the rare ones in that narrow transition, where we can transmit signals across the cosmos but we can’t yet build an MBrain.  John you and I are among the transition people: those who recognize the nature of the narrow time span in which we live.




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