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>…I was just ragging the defense- minded Repubs.  bill w




Oh, ja OK.  


Low tech doesn’t really win the day there however.  For taking out the quad-rotor low-end drones, there are lasers easily capable of doing that.  That class of drones are low and slow, easy to detect on RADAR, easy to hit and take out, no good way to shield them (they can’t lift enough mass.)


Regarding a new kind of army, there is a reason why we never hear the end of the Benghazi attack on 11 Sept 2012.  For that kind of fixed asset (the embassy) there are pleeeeenty of good ways to defend that.  It could have been defended with non-lethal deterrence, with perfect identification friend or foe, the defenders sitting in air-conditioned offices in Nevada.  The attackers could have limped out of there under their own power with little serious permanent damage, the ambassador could have lived to ambassad another day (assuming that particular office is occupied by one who ambassads or who ambassaded at some time in the past.)


As for using eagles, the animal rights people will not like it.  Recall the proposals a long time ago for using pigeons to guide missiles.  That didn’t fly.  They have a point: nonhuman beasts should not be recruited to fight the wars of another species.









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