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falcons vs pidgeos in dubai


perhaps drones could be vindicated by making one that can scare pidgeons

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> ​>…Thanks for all the info but I think you ducked the question (pun
> intended).  Or maybe you don't know just how low a radar can detect
> something.​..
> What I meant was that radar isn’t the right tool for spotting low and slow
> camera drones, the kind of stuff you can train eagles to foil.  Radar waves
> are too long for that.  Those are better at spotting planes way out there.
> For that kind of thing, you would use a microwave emitter/receiver, and
> move up from there.  A toy drone would be easy to spot a mile away with a
> microwave detector, and the whole rig is small enough to fit in the back of
> a light pickup truck.
> If someone is speechifying and a bad guy wanted to launch from a couple km
> out, fly in close and hand her a small  but deadly explosive device for
> instance, it would be easy to set up a dual spectrum or multispectrum
> detector and the means to foil that plan.  I do hope this protection system
> is used.
> >…Is 'under the radar' still applicable?  Or maybe it would be a
> satellite?  I know they can read newspapers from up there​.  But can they
> scan for low flying drones?  Our defense dept. has to be working on that.
> Ja there are some types of radar planes can get under, but consider what
> radar was developed for: seeing a bunch of WW2-style bombers coming in at a
> couple hundred knots while they were still far enough out there to man the
> battle stations.  The attack on Pearl in 1941 would have turned out a lot
> differently had the Yankees been given one hour notice.
> The US did have radar and spotted the planes coming in, but communications
> and interpretations issues trumped that. The same can happen with more
> modern systems. I think the lesson of Pearl Harbor was more one of not
> looking for what you don't expect: the US was expecting sabotage not an air
> raid. So it looked for and planned against sabotage while ignoring signs of
> and planning against an air raid. But that is hindsight bias.
> A bigger lesson is that in order to not be surprised too often one has to
> be a little more imaginative and do a lot more intelligence collection. And
> the latter doesn't mean listening in on every phone call. It would've been
> far better to have a few spies in well placed positions in the Japanese
> government and military than listening in on every communication in Japan.
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