[ExI] Gravitational Waves Detected By LIGO!

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>…If we assume the energy release was around 10^50 J over a second, then the power per square meter at distance d is 10^50/(4 pi r^2) Watts. So the criticial distance if the danger power is P is r=sqrt(10^50/4 pi P). If we assume a megawatt/m^2 is enough to cause biosphere damage, then the distance is 298,000 lightyears. To wipe out more advanced civilizations I would expect a much higher P; for a gigawatt the range is 9,400 lightyears - bad in the central part of a galaxy, but not even covering it…


Anders, cool, but we need to know how GW energy would interact with matter before we conclude that it would nuke biomes.  


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