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No evidence of foul play according to those (admittedly few) who were in
position to observe.  Apparent oversights/missteps are in fact standard
procedure for how they do deaths in Texas (and if that leaves holes to
cover up foul play, we'd have heard of more cases by now).  Claims of
possible foul play appear to be originating from those inconvenienced that
Scalia will no longer be able to rule, specifically those who assume that
if the government could possibly be the cause for some ill then it must be
the cause.

More importantly: nothing you can do about it.  Abandoning your trip just
to fret about it will only injure yourself (sacrificing whatever benefits
you planned to reap from the trip) for no gain: it will not produce any
more evidence or leads, and probably won't even reassure you.  You know how
this goes: wild theories for the first few days, then facts come out once
those who can investigate have had time to do so.  If you continue and
complete your trip as planned, the truth will be clearer by the time you

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 8:38 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> Camping in Death valley no Internet no radio email intermittent.  Hearing
> wild stories from other campers pls refute oh pls do.  Scotus justice may
> have been slain, rush to embalm before knowing cause of death???  Say it
> ain't so.  Cryonauts have difficult time avoiding autopsy yet special case
> where everybody needs assurance no funny biz and no parhologist?
> Indeed???  No way???  Might abandon camping trip return forthwith.  spike
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