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>.I must say I am surprised at how it is being written up.  Our human
instinct is to feel sympathy for the robot being hassled.spike



Another idea occurred to me.  We have discussed sexbots and from a
mechanical point of view that's a pretty tough problem.  I can imagine it
will take some time to get to where those things could compete with their
carbon-based counterparts, but that video made me think of one thing the
machines might be able to do better than humans: be the victim.  


I have heard some humans get their jollies by dominating others, but I can't
imagine that would be much fun to be the on receiving end of the old chains
and whips business, the subject of wacko's cruelty fantasy.  We could create
robots to take the fall.  They would never get a bad attitude, never get
injured (or would be easily repaired.)  We wouldn't even necessarily need to
compete with the carbon units in every anatomical detail exactly, since the
machines would be far superior in simulating the endurance of pain.  They
would just stay at their jobs, like that Boston Dynamics robot who just kept
trying to put the box on the shelf, while that mean asshole messed with him.


If sufficiently human enough, they would make astonishing and dangerous
weapons.  The get into some place, look around and note there are no one but
bad guys all around, then kerBOOM.  Wait, ja, this paragraph is an entirely
new subject from the previous.  I am far outside my area of expertise when
discussing matters such as maso-bots.



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