[ExI] virtualbox etc.

spike spike66 at att.net
Mon Feb 29 00:11:45 UTC 2016

>...If you really just want simple email, reading and shopping, Rafal's
suggestion of a cheap Chromebook is ideal for you.


Ja!  My son's elementary school bought a buttload of Chromebooks.  They have
nearly as many of them now as they have students.  They have it networked so
any student can choose any Chromebook and get right to her files.

Here's how things change.  The fourth grade was given the assignment of
researching a topic online and creating a PowerPoint (Open Office Equivalent
of PP) pitch on that topic.  They invited the parents to come and talk to
the students, allow them to pitch their projects.  

This is the modern science fair.  By having the kids do PP instead of
traditional display boards, they concentrate on the scientific content
rather than setting up the bells and whistles of the visuals.  The
scientific content of the students' work was an order of magnitude more
satisfying than an elementary school science fair I judged only a decade

While there I took out a Chromebook and put it thru its paces.  Nothing
fancy, but portable and cheap.  I can see a huge advantage in something like
this if you aren't into heavy computing, but just want email, word
processing, spreadsheet, power point and internet.  They are cheaper than
smart phones and have an easier to use I/O, while still being practical to
carry around.


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