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I know it doesn’t “really” intend to say that our solar system is at the center of the universe… Tara



Tara, I don’t see why not.  The inflationary universe model means that there is no particular place which is less at the center of the universe than any other place.  It is tempting to imagine if we could go fast enough we could get out to where half the sky is empty and the other half has all the stars and things, but that really is not how it works.  


No matter where we are or where we go in the universe, we see stars and galaxies and things in all directions.  So why not say that our solar system is the center of it all?  And why not go ahead and say it is the earth?  Keep following that line of reasoning until you, Tara Maya, are the CENTER of the entire visible universe.


It is mathematically perfectly valid to go there, and once you do, it becomes yet another hint that all of us (except you) are really software avatars, that it is all a vast sim, and that you are Truman in a vast cosmic software Truman Show kinda way.  The whole thing was set up so that the meta-Cristofs can marvel as you gradually become aware, as they enjoy your astonishment at the awesome realization of where you are and what you are.


Pretty cool ja?  {8-]  




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