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​re Shavian alphabet

The problem I see is just like what happened to Esperanto and the Dvorak keyboard:  people spent a lot of time devising these and to no ultimate purpose.  No big authority like the government adopted them.  No schools taught them because nobody said they had to…bill w



Esperanto failed because of insufficient benefit from previously acquired expertise.  If on the other hand, we adopt a system whereby phonetic spellings and formerly standardized (dictionary) spellings were used, even in the same message, perhaps even with the same word spelled two different ways, then people who know the old way can use it, young people can use it, English learners can use it.  It is accessible to all and benefits from the knowledge base already in place.


Esperanto is a good example of a system in which a lot of investment was made with little to show for it.  


Klingon is another example.  You hear it at Star Trek conventions (with some of the hardcore yahoos very fluent) but it never gained much traction: didn’t take advantage of existing language expertise.


Dvorak keyboards: everyone has the option of doing that.  I saw a freeware package that Dvorakizes any keyboard with one CTRL Alt command.  I don’t recall where to find that, but if it existed at one time, it is somewhere out there to be found still.  The internet never forgets.




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