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Tara Maya tara at taramayastales.com
Wed Jan 13 22:15:25 UTC 2016

I’m one of the editors on an ezine, Hero & Heroine, that is looking for speculative fiction stories and essays. We don’t have a website up yet, sorry.

Length 2000 - 35,000 words
Short stories to Novellas
(We accept novel excerpts that can stand alone with a ‘happy for now’ conclusion). 

It’s a non-pro, non-paid market, asking non-exclusive, digital-only rights. (It’s okay if your story's been published before or if you have it published elsewhere concurrently, as long as you own the rights.) It must have a speculative element (sf, fantasy, alt history, time travel, paranormal), it must be science-positive, and it must have a happy ending or ‘happy for now’ ending. A heroic, romantic action adventure quest is preferred to a postmodern/deconstructionist structure. Think of the old pulp sf magazines and fan zines. Stories about transhumanism would be great! (Keep in mind, though, that any moral to the story should be subtle, not preachy or pushy.)

Length 1000 - 3000 words
We’ll also accept a few essays about the future, transhumanism, AI, the genre of sf&f, space travel, new planets, terraforming, aliens, the fermi paradox, any cool new discovery or imagined future tech... pretty much anything we discuss on this list. Also some things we don’t often discuss like elves, dwarves, role-playing, con culture, werewolves, fae, comparative magic, portals to other worlds, all things fantasy, etc.

Rights are non-paid for non-exclusive content. (If you’ve already published it on your blog or website that’s fine, as long as you own the rights.) Your essay may appear in an issue with a Conad the Barbarian in a fur-throng or Super Gamer Girl in a metallic bikini on the cover, so don’t include anything you’d be embarrassed to have next to a story about robot detectives or werewolves in love.

For inquiries, put Hero and Heroine Submissions in the subject line and email: editor at misquepress.com

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